1. Andy says:

    Yep, I’ve voted ;)
    Though I’m experiencing some issues, esp. with Firefox 3. On some pages the widgets just don’t collapse. They load correctly but stay unfolded what is esp. ugly with the tabs.. I have no idea when and why this happens.. Maybe you could take a look at some random posts on my blog and experience the problem.. Could be a problem of php Speedy, I don’t know..?

  2. houbingjie says:

    it doesnot works good when I browse the web with FIREFOX.There is a very long blank at the bottom.How can I fix it?THANKS for this good plugin.

  3. Kaspars says:

    houbingjie, the problem is caused by your theme and not this plugin or Firefox. Try floating and clearing all widgets. Something like .widget { float:left; width:100%; clear:both; }

  4. Tosh says:

    Any chance of this being updated to 2.8.4? I love this plugin, but I’m not able to use it right now :(

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