I live in Rīga, Latvia with my wife Baiba and our kids Rūdolfs and Matilde. I spend my days working from home as a WordPress engineer at XWP.

I’m really interested in the Physical Web after learning about a hack that enables sending Bluetooth Smart advertising packets or Eddystone Beacons using nRF24l01+ radio modules. So I created the Tinystone project to build open source beacons and software for deploying and managing the beacon URLs.

I’m also interested in public-key cryptography and digital identity after getting my Latvian ID card in the summer of 2015. I discovered that its middleware is based on an old version of OpenSC so I tried to port it to the current upstream and also create a new modern and light open source middleware stack based on Estonian ID.

This led me to discover Yubico, FIDO U2F, PGP and everything related to JavaCards, encryption and two factor authentication. It is also why I now have my PGP public key. I also contribute to the Two-Factor WordPress plugin which will hopefully land in WordPress core.

I continue to develop and support my commercial WordPress plugins for storing Contact Form 7 submissions in the WordPress database and exporting all WordPress content URLs, titles and meta data as CSV. I have created another commercial plugin for WooCommerce which I hope to release this year. It allows emailing a link to your shopping cart when browsing on mobile for completing the purchase when you’re at a computer.

Last updated on August 2016.

This page is part of the /now movement created by Derek Sivers.

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