1. Ozh says:

    cheers :)

  2. Marty says:

    Love the look of the plugin, but I cant get it to work on my site.

    Can you take a look at the site and maybe give me some help?

    Thanks so much!



  3. Kaspars says:

    Marty, please read the next article following this post called Is your theme good enough and make the required changes to your theme. That should fix all the problems.

  4. Marty says:

    Thanks for the help, however it didn’t seem to work when I changed this code, it just took away the styling: Below is the themes code I need to change.

    ‘before_widget’ => div class=widget,
    ‘after_widget’ => ‘<!–/widget

    A few markers I took out so it would so up, but how do I alter this to make your plugins work?

    Again, thanks.

  5. Kaspars says:

    Marty, could you please email me the functions.php file from your theme, so I can have a look and see where the problem is.

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