Airbank D13 Puffer Pro Pump Teardown

Available for around $130 on AliExpress (including shipping) or from the manufacturer store, Airbank D13 Puffer Pro is a battery powered two-stage pump that delivers up to 20 psi (1.4 bar) of pressure. Note that there is also a cheaper version without the battery that requires a 12V power supply.

Contrary to the manufacturer specification on the web, this pump actually does support USB-C PD3.0 and QC3.0 power output and charging up to 30W. The included paper manual correctly states the supported USB-C voltage and power levels.

Two compressor motors, battery pack and the control board.

Opening the pump is really easy with just six phillips screws at the back. Inside, everything is neatly laid out and with wires of the appropriate gauge and latching connectors for the pump and battery connections, along with some adhesive to keep them secure during transportation.

Airbank D13 Pro controller board PCB with INJOINIC IP2366 power management chip and PY32F003 microcontoller
Control board with INJOINIC IP2366 power management chip (below the USB-C port), PY32F003 ARM Cortex M0 microcontoller (bottom right), and Maplesemi mosfets (SLM60P03T and SLM100N03T).
Airbank D13Pro V1.3 2023 1120 PCB
Other side of the PCB (marked D13Pro__V1.3_2023_1120) with the display and control buttons, and programming or debug pin connections.

Pump and Compressor

There are two motors inside — one for a simple fan and another one for driving a piston pump for the high-pressure stage (above 0.8 psi). Interestingly, the fan mode uses 8A at 11V compared to just 4A in the high-pressure mode as shown in this video (be aware of the loud audio):

Current draw at 11V battery when running the compressor and the fan mode.


It features a pack of six 18650 Li-ion batteries in 3S2P configuration (3 in series, 2 in parallel) with the combined capacity of 57.72Wh (5200mAh at nominal voltage of 11.1V).

18650 Li-ion batteries in 3S2P configuration with capacity of 57.72Wh (5200mAh at nominal voltage of 11.1V)
Battery capacity 57.72Wh (5200mAh at 11.1V).

USB-C Output

Turns out it actually does support USB-C PD 3.0 charging and output up to 30W at 20V in addition to Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3) with up to 12V and 3A (36W) output thanks to the INJOINIC IP2366 power management chip.

USB-C PD3.0 output up to 20V and 1.5A
AVHzY CT-3 showing the supported USB-C PD3.0 modes up to 30W (20V at 1.5A).
USB-C PD3.0 mode 20V at 1.5A activated


Charging over USB-C supports PD3.0 30W input while the included charger GQ20PD02-ZG can only deliver QC3.0 20W at 12V/1.67A. It would take either 2 or 3 hours respectively to fully charge the battery.

Charging Airbank D13 Puffer Pro via USB-C QC3 at 30W (20V)

Charging Error EE3

Having played with the supported USB mode enumeration, I tested the pump performance with an actual 10’4″ (317cm) SUP and was able to bring it to 18 psi twice, including the deflation.

When attempting to charge it with the supplied USB-C charger and cable, I was now suddenly getting a message EE3 on the screen and it wouldn’t charge when left over night. I was able to fix the issue by removing and re-attaching the battery which presumably reset the controller state. Since this is not an easy operation for an average user, I’ve reached out to the manufacturer to confirm alternative solutions for resetting the device.


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