USB-C PD65W Adapter and Charger for 18V and 20V Power Tool Batteries

Adaptor supports PD 65W output via USB-C port. There is also a USB-A port.
UDCB094 adaptor with true PD 65W output via USB-C. A second USB-A port is also available.

Makita doesn’t make an official USB-C PD (power delivery) adaptor (they only have ADP05 with two 5V/2A ports) so I found this UDCB094 on AliExpress (affiliate link) with PD65W output and with variants for 18V Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee and Bosch power tool batteries. It appears to very well built — using 16AWG wires for the DC connection and implements true PD65W standard via the CSU3AF10 charge controller.

Teardown and Internal Photos

The PCB is labeled “YR-PD65W”.

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