.po/.mo File Conversion Tool for WordPress Translators

I’ve created a very simple online tool for converting .po and .mo files (both directions) which many WordPress developers will find useful especially when translators forget to email the original .po file. You can learn more about translating WordPress core, plugins and themes at WordPress Codex.


  1. Núria says:

    Hello Kaspars, this is a very usefull tool and I used it to convert an .mo file to .po file, but the characters with accents ares missing in the .po file generated.

    Only for if is possible to resolve it for a new version.

  2. amir says:

    Thanks.. I really love this tool,
    I try to find jetpack-id_ID.po (Indonesian translation for jetpack 2.1.1) for customization, but I only found the .mo files (I can’t edit this file directly). But, with this tool I can have the *.po file! then re-create the *.mo file using poedit.

  3. Tobias says:

    Genius! You helped me a lot here – great for non-WordPress projects too…

  4. Asadujzaman Shamim says:

    Thanks a lot mate. it was really helpful to me. if you don’t mind, is that an open source tool?. if that be the case, do you want to share, how it is working.

    • Kaspars says:

      Under each tool you see the name of the linux software package that is being used for the job. For example, msgfmt and msgunfmt from gettext-tools package are used for converting between .mo and .po files.

  5. Trong Nguyen says:

    Thanks a milion times! This helped me a lot with my modification.

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