On GitHub

My first encounter with version control systems was more than four years ago when I released my very first WordPress plugin on the official WordPress theme and plugin repository. In december of this year it will be three years since I joined GitHub and I honestly think that it has revolutionized the way we develop, learn and discover open source software.

Git alone is an amazing piece of software but the community and collaboration features of GitHub add so much to the whole experience of creating and working with personal and community projects. Features like bug tracker, online pull requests, wikis and user follower/permission system are so well implemented and make the whole process so seamless and fun. It is a true social network where people actually make things happen, learn from each other and work on things that change the world in ways that neither Twitter or Facebook ever could.

I wish it wan’t only geeks but also mainstream media and ‘regular’ people who could appreciate this significant advancement in computer science.

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