New Plugin: Mobile Redirect for WordPress

Mobile Redirect is a WordPress plugin that allows you to redirect visitors to another URL based on their User Agent string on per-page basis. It uses the built-in WordPress function wp_is_mobile() for detecting if a visitor is using a mobile (handheld) device. This plugin is extremely useful for websites that use WordPress multisite for serving different sites with slightly different content based on visitor’s user-agent.

It adds a new tab to the WordPress SEO plugin user interface, if it is installed:

Mobile Redirect plugin for WordPress with WordPress SEO UI

or provides a very simple standalone UI:

Mobile Redirect plugin for WordPress with a standalone user interface

Mobile SEO Included

This plugin also takes care of adding the Vary: User-Agent HTTP header to all requests and an alternate link tag to the of the <head> of every page with a redirect enabled, as recommended by Google.


  1. farhan says:

    Thanks for this awesome plugin. I haven’t been able to find any that has Vary built in like google recommends.

    One request Is there any possibility to allow just to use a different theme instead ? like for example

    • Kaspars says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, farhan! I would like to keep this plugin as lean as possible — there are many ways of dealing with mobile users and Mobile Redirect provides one of the methods.

  2. This is great thanks! I was looking for something simple to redirect specific pages to my corresponding .tel sub domains for mobile users and this works very well.

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