1. Andy says:

    Hi man!
    I’m having huge problems with your plugins right now.. While some widgets are listed 5 times in the dropdown menus, some aren’t listed at all. I have added all relevant widgets to the invisible area, deleted several options in the database, de- and reactivated everything. Nothing helps. The widgets that are listed several times are collapsing archives/categories as well as the text-widgets. The widgets that aren’t listed at all are Twitter-Tools and Ajax-Calendar (funnily enough that one worked before..) Would be great if you could help!

  2. Ollie says:


    first of all, great plugin. I am running version 0.77 under wordpress 2.7 without any problems.

    I really need one little change. The whole accordion should be closed. I have a lot of content in it and my users only should see all this if they really would like to.

    Please tell me how this could be achieved. A little hack in the code is ok for me.


  3. Andy says:

    Please please please fix the problem that some widgets (Ajax Calendar i.e.) aren’t listed. Thanks alot!

  4. spacebaby says:

    Hi Kaspars,

    I like your plugin a lot but unfortunately it doesn’t work in 2.8.1. Anyway I can get it working?

    Thanks a lot!

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