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I’ve been wanting to create a short demo video for my Storage for Contact Form 7 plugin in hopes that it would increase sales by engaging users that don’t enjoy reading long sales pages.

Last week I finally got to record the video and it is available on YouTube. Instead of writing a script I just did multiple takes while the contents and narrative become clear. English is not my first language so there are still some weird things being said, however, it felt good enough for the experiment and also brings some authenticity to it.

Here it is:

Demo video of Contact Form 7 Storage plugin.

I’ve been creating videos on YouTube about electric skateboards and electronics but this was one of the first times doing a screencast.

I’ve played around with the Open Broadcaster Software (which seems to be used by the majority of streamers) but it requires a bit of setup so I went with Screenflick — a paid closed-source software but with regular updates. It also takes care of hiding all desktop icons and changing the desktop background to a solid color. Very nice to work with!

Very few products on Evanto have video previews so I’m not entirely sure if the experiment will be any success.

Both my storage and controls & analytics add-ons for Contact Form 7 cover a lot of pain points for the Contact Form 7 plugin users so I want to create a library of short videos about the most typical issues and problems that users have. Hopefully those would become the gateway for people to discover my products. Something that Ryan Daniel Moran calls a multiplier.

What is your experience with video walkthroughs and tutorials for digital products? Is there a chance for this to succeed?


  1. Hi Kaspars,
    Thanks, this is a great explanation of how you made the video!

    Good idea to not use a script. It sounds natural and prepared, but not like you’re reading.

    Screenflick looks interesting. I’ve been using ScreenFlow 8. It’s a nice touch to have a video of you in the corner.

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