Getting PHP Speedy Plugin to Work with WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 significantly improves the way JavaScript and CSS files can be added to the HTML <head>, and because of these changes the methods of WP_Scripts class have been altered a lot.

Therefore PHP Speedy — my favourit plugin which I think should be incorporated into the WordPress core — requires the following changes to work with WordPress 2.6.

Replace lines 774 to 787 in php_speedy_wp.php:

if(!method_exists($wp_scripts,'default_scripts')) {
   $wp_scripts = new WP_Scripts();

//Which libraries are used by this installation?
foreach($wp_scripts->scripts AS $object) {


// check if $wp_scripts is loaded and not empty
if(!is_object($wp_scripts) && empty($wp_scripts)) {
   $wp_scripts = new WP_Scripts();

if (method_exists($wp_scripts,'default_scripts')) {
   // if wp 2.5
   $wp_did_register = $wp_scripts->scripts;
} else {
   // if wp 2.6
   $wp_did_register = $wp_scripts->registered;

//Which libraries are used by this installation?
foreach($wp_did_register AS $object) {

Notice that the only change is the $wp_scripts->registered variable which is replacing $wp_scripts->scripts in WordPress 2.6.


  1. Mario says:

    awesome, deserve a try!
    and nice design here.

  2. kM says:

    The plugin is work really great! Thanx for the code!

  3. ghprod says:

    So is it working with wp 2.6.1?

    I’ll try it at home :)


  4. Kaspars says:

    ghprod, yes, it does. Get the latest version of the plugin from the author’s website.

  5. Andy says:

    He man! As you know I adore the php speedy plugin as much as you.. The author of the plugin isn’t as speedy as u and as you’ve fixed the last comptability problem I hope you can help now again ;) Could you make the plugin working in WordPress 2.7? In my case the whole site just doesn’t show at all when I activate the plugin 0.4.7 :(

    • Kaspars says:

      Andy, I tried fixing it a long time ago, but it seems like this time there is more work to be done. I’ll be sure to post a fix once I can find it.

  6. Andy says:

    Hope someone can come up with a fix soon.. ;) That plugin has been a pure lifesaver..

  7. kaosklub says:

    Do you have any idea of the current state of the php-speedy plugin in wordpress 2.7?
    Does it works?

    Nice Blog.

  8. Kaspars says:

    kaosklub, as far as I know, it doesn’t work.

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