Running and Debugging WordPress 2.6 Beta

I am using WordPress 2.6 (currently beta 2) now, and here are the issues/problems discovered so far: (1) PHP Speedy WP doesn’t work any more because of the changes in WP_scripts class.

(2) Admin Drop Down Menu hides the new Turbo link (for initiating the Google Gears feature) which should be displayed in the top right-hand side corner of your WordPress dashboard. (3) Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes do not have CSS rules for the new Press This shortcut (available under the Write Post section).

When Ubuntu finishes upgrading to 8.04, I’ll update the Baltic Amber plugin and will post the shell script I use to update WordPress in five minutes and make backups of all files and database at the same time. It is a modified version of this one.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m also doing checks to see what is broken after installing wordpress 2.6. Thanks for the updates for the plugins.

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