OpenID Plugin and WordPress 2.8

Ever since using the nightly versions of WordPress, I got used to doing regular updates and not checking if all plugins work fine afterward.

Therefore only today I discovered that leaving comments on this blog has been impossible for a while already. Turns out that changes in the WordPress core have made the OpenID plugin unaware of the comment author’s name and e-mail.

Haven’t found a solution yet.

The Solution

Open comments.php within the OpenID plugin folder and move the name & email input verification from line 73:

// duplicate name and email check from wp-comments-post.php

right after line 68, like this:

// just ignore the error... it just means the user entered a normal URL.
if (array_key_exists('openid_identifier', $_POST)) {
	// duplicate name and email check from wp-comments-post.php

Why this works

We need to check name and e-mail input only if the URL is not an OpenID.


  1. willnorris says:

    heh… I have a bad habit of fixing things in trunk but forgetting to release them publicly. Looks like this was fixed several weeks ago, but never released. I’ll see about making a new release tonight if I can.

  2. Ian McAbee says:

    The Tabbed Widgets plugin was working great on my site prior to the new WordPress 2.8 upgrade. I noticed that others are have problems too. Any fix in the works?

  3. willnorris says:

    Kaspars: the authoritative repository for the plugin is actually:

    I typically sync changes over to the svn repository when I’m ready to cut a release. Really need to find a better workflow for this stuff.

  4. willnorris says:

    just realized though, that the current change in trunk was to fix requiring of names in trackbacks and pingbacks. It may actually still be broken with regards to OpenID. oops.

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