Use Contact Form 7 to collect business leads and enquiries? I created Storage for Contact Form 7 plugin which stores them safely in WordPress database.

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  1. I’ve written just the same plugin, but it looks like I haven’t updated it in over two years so it’s not showing up on the repo any more!

  2. Kaspars says:

    Thanks for the tip, John. I actually did search the repo before and didn’t find anything, so I just created it. Your plugin is a good in being able to extract images from the content as a fallback.

  3. Jacquesdancona says:

    Thanks a lot Kaspars! This is exactly what I need. Currently using it in my functions.php with some modifications.

  4. Muskie says:

    How come you put it in GitHub and not the WordPress plugin repository?

    • Kaspars says:

      I wrote the plugin for my own needs so I chose GitHub because I don’t want to deal with writing docs, etc. In addition, GitHub provides an easy way for others to contribute to the code. You don’t even need a local Git client to submit things like docs.

  5. Is your Plugin: Add Featured Images as Enclosures to Posts in WordPress RSS Feeds still current? I am using WordPress 4.2.2


  6. Nick says:

    This has been a nice solution for an issue I was having with one RSS feed, so thank you. I’m wondering if the php could be easily modified to pull the first post’s image instead of featured image?

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