Notes on Tuya Air Quality Sensors

Tuya PM2.5, PM10, CO2, CH2O Air Quality sensors (Zigbee and WiFi))
Tuya 4in1 PM Box (Smart Air box) with CB3S module (Wi-Fi) on the left (blue case) and Tuya 6in1 Air House Keeper with ZT3L module (Zigbee) on the right (white case).

These are two devices with an identical air quality sensor for PM2.5 and PM10 (boxes with metal cover in the middle), temperature and humidity (top center) that are connected to Tuya controllers with either WiFi or Zigbee radio. The 6in1 version has an additional sensor for VOCs and formaldehyde (bottom right).

They cost around $25 for the 4in1 version and $30 for the 6in1. I bought them here on AliExpress.

Home Assistant Compatability

The Zigbee version is known as TS0601 Smart Air House Keeper by Zigbee2MQTT (TZE200_dwcarsat) and is supported by their Home Assistant integration as well as the ZHA integration (except for this bug). It is also supported by the Zemismart gateway in the Smart Life app but it does not show up in the Apple Home app.

The WiFi version is supported only by the Tuya cloud integration in Home Assistant and the Smart Life app which detects the device via Bluetooth and then lets you configure the WiFi settings.

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