Sensors for Smart Passive House

Here is a list of sensors that would be useful in a smart home including those built according to the Passive House standards.

General Security

  • Water level sensors near all water facets used to turn off the water pump for the whole house if a leak is detected.
  • Occupancy sensors in all rooms to automatically turn on and off the lights.
  • Smoke sensors in all rooms (probably combined with the occupancy sensors).

Ventilation & Climate

  • Outside air temperature.
  • Outside relative humidity.
  • Inside temperature in each room.
  • Inside air pressure near the ventilation unit.
  • Relative humidity in each room to adjust the air flow speed.
  • Incoming air temperature after the heat exchanger to reduce the air flow to increase the efficiency (as long as the air quality in the rooms is good).
  • CO2 sensors in each room to keep the ventilation air flow rate to a minimum while maintaining good air quality everywhere. Heat recovery should work much better at lower flow rate.

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