Top Posts in 2018

In the last 12 month my blog had a total of 890k impressions and 37k clicks in Google search results which is amazing considering I only published 13 new posts in 2018. So here is the list:

How to Remove All Line Breaks from Text Using Regex5500
Creating Excel .xlsx Files in PHP4900
Display for Orange Pi Zero3200
Use Javascript to Change Viewport Width Depending on the Window Size2500
Orange Pi Zero GPIO Pins
How to Extract Heading Content (H1, H2, etc.) from an HTML String Using Regex2200
How to Create Beautiful and Elegant HTML Lists Using CSS1500
Orange Pi Zero as a Web Server1200
Poker 3 for Mac1200
How to Get YouTube Channel Subscriber Count without Using API1200
How to Automatically Add Image Credit or Source URL to Photo Captions in WordPress1200
Contact Form 7 not Sending Emails1100

The rest of the post had less than 1000 clicks.

Looking at the list I’m not sure where I should focus my writing efforts since the posts are relatively unique — some are for the video blog while some are really short tips on solving simple programming challenges.


Most of the visits were from the United States, India, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Italy and Canada. The rest were bellow 1000 clicks.

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