Take-away photo and image positioning CSS styles for blogs — idea for a plugin

Illustration: CSS Take-Away WordPress plugin After reading Kim’s comment regarding the Morning Racer theme, I had an idea of how to achieve a consistent image and photo placement in a WordPress blog even if you decide to change the theme.

The solution would be a plugin which would provide a “standard” set of CSS classes for styling different image (and other element) positioning.

The great thing is that you could use these CSS classnames with any theme you like as long as you have the plugin enabled. It would be also possible to specify a prefared classname prefix (for example, kd-wide, mo-withborder-a or pa-image-a) so that the plugin’s CSS doesn’t mess with the theme’s CSS. It could also contain CSS styles for lists (like the “flat” and “spaced” ones used on this blog), “important” messages, etc.

A kind of a portable image positioning thing. And you wouldn’t have to learn new CSS classnames or image layout ideas offered by different theme authors.

What do you think? Maybe you have a suggestion of other items (apart from images and lists) that you would like to have special styling.


  1. Suskun says:

    @Kaspars, Make sure that it is the question in my mind what if I changed my theme what will I do not to ruin my images positions.ıt sounds great. May be blockquote,code or other custom shape can be added to your plugin idea.I’ll think about it.

  2. Kim Lindberg says:

    Sounds like a good idea, although I could myself easily add these classes manually for a new theme. But I guess it saves you some time and would also make things easier for a WP beginner, if you switch themes frequently. My biggest problem though, would be to update the image classes for the already written posts 4 years back in time :)

  3. Kim Lindberg says:

    Kaspars, any date planned for the release of Sunrise Racer?

  4. Kaspars says:

    Kim, thank you for your thoughts on the plugin idea.

    Regarding the release date of Sunrise Racer — I am currently coding a plugin for making widgets out of other plugins (like the Popularity Contest plugin by Alex King) which only offer an access to PHP functions that you can use inside your theme’s code. With this plugin you could turn any other plugin into a widget.

    Therefore, once I am finished with this one, I will initially release the Times Racer and then the Sunrise Racer.

  5. Kaspars says:

    Suskun, thank you for the suggestions — CSS for the HTML tags you mentioned will be included.

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