Cite, Quote and Twitter

Why doesn’t twitter use <cite> tag for all @replies and <blockquote> for the actual content? It would make things more semantic.


Currently tweets have the following HTML structure:

<li id="status_ID" class="hentry status u-username">
<span class="status-body">
	<span class="entry-content">Here goes the tweet with an awesome link to an awesome website</span>
	<span class="meta entry-meta">
		<a class="entry-date" rel="bookmark" href="http://domain/username/status/ID">
			<span class="published">about 16 hours ago</span>
		<span>from <a href="http://twittertool.url">twittertool</a></span>

and now the semantic way:

<blockquote id="status_ID" class="u-username" cite="http://domain/username/status/ID">
	<p>Here goes the tweet with an awesome link to an awesome website</p>
	<cite><a rel="bookmark" href="http://domain/username/status/ID">2012.01.01 13:45</a></cite>
	<span>from <a href="http://twittertool.url">twittertool</a></span>

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