1. I actually think things happen for a reason. Don’t think that works with the coincidence theory, so I guess I disagree.

  2. Kaspars says:

    In general, I would agree with you Denise. However, with regards to simple earthly events — too often they seem mundane and casual at first, and their significance becomes apparent only as time goes by. And by coincidence I mean:

    In science, the term is generally used in a more literal translation, e.g., referring to when two rays of light strike a surface at the same point at the same time. In this usage of coincidence, there is no implication that the alignment of events is surprising, noteworthy or non-causal.

    Having studied physics, I strongly believe in cause and effect. This quote is a nice way of saying that “nothing is meant to be”.

  3. Dietrich says:

    “All things are by fate, but poor blind man sees but a part of the chain, the nearest link, his eyes not reaching to that equal beam which poises all above.” – John Dryden

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