AJAX Cache Purge Cookie Plugin

This plugin sets a “version” cookie of your site’s content, which can be used for time-based cache invalidation, as the cookie is checked and updated (if necessary) on each page request through a single AJAX request.

Download: ajax-cache-purge.zip (June 26, 2010)


Please note that this plugin is intended for people who run their own servers.

  1. Upload and enable the plugin.
  2. Add the value of wp_cache_key_cookie to the cache key.

Nginx Example

fastcgi_cache_path 	/var/www/cache  levels=1:2
			inactive=2m max_size=2000m;

fastcgi_temp_path 	/var/www/cache/tmp;

server {
	# other config options

	location ~ \.php$ {
		# wp_cache_key_cookie is supplied by the plugin
		set $wp_cache_key $scheme$host$request_uri|$cookie_wp_cache_key_cookie;

		#add key in header for debugging
		#add_header	WP_KEY $wp_cache_key;

		fastcgi_cache 		wp-cache;
		fastcgi_cache_key 	$wp_cache_key;


  1. TJ says:

    Is jQuery required in the theme header for this to work properly? I noticed the jQuery.post bit in the footer but wasn’t sure if this was required.

    • Kaspars says:

      Yes, TJ, jQuery is required. You should take a look at the related posts of this article to better understand the underlying idea of this plugin.

  2. TJ says:

    Thanks! You should really consider open-sourcing this on GitHub at least. Out of all of the caching implementations of WordPress and Nginx I’ve seen, this is the most efficient and cleanest I’ve seen.

    Great work.

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