WooCommerce for Apple TV

Store homepage and category browser on Apple TV

See below for more screenshots of the Apple TV shopping experience

I wonder if it has to be a tvOS app. Glad there is the WooCommerce REST API. Apparently it’s all HTML and Javascript with some Apple specific app magic on top:

You build these client-server apps using web technologies such as HTTPS, XMLHTTPRequest, DOM, and JavaScript. You use Apple’s custom markup language, TVML, to create interfaces, and you specify app behaviors in a TVML document using JavaScript. The TVMLKit framework provides the bridge between your native code and the JavaScript/TMVL code in your user interface.

Here is an illustration of the Apple TV app client-server model:

Your JavaScript file loads TVML pages and pushes each page onto the navigation stack. As the user navigates through your app, TVML pages are pushed and popped from the stack. After the user closes your app, the Apple TV home screen appears.

Here are the docs for the Apple’s Television Markup Language (TVML) with an example of a product page:

      <heroImage src="…" />
   <!—- Everything following is under the fold —->

which results into something like this:

Screenshots of the Apple TV Shopping Experience

Screenshots from the Apple Special Event video.

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