Part 1: DIY Electric Skatboard, Hub Motor & Trucks

In episode 8 of my video blog I show how to modify standard skateboard trucks to fit a 70mm electric hub motor from Maytech (available for $99). This is a follow-up to my review of the Maytech 90mm hub motors and part 1 in series of how to build your own light-weight electric skateboard.

Maytech 70mm Hub Motors

Here are the photos of the hub motor motor components — the stator, rotor and the wheel. The rest of the photos are available on Flickr.

To buy these motors you can get in touch with Eileen from Maytech — and don’t forget to refer to this blog for a discount.

Maytech 70mm Hub Motor Parts, Stator, Rotor, Wheel

Stator, rotor, wheel and the cover of the hub motor.

Maytech 70mm Hub Motor Stator

Stator of the hub motor.

Measuring the KV rating and speed of the Maytech 70mm hub motor

Measuring the KV rating of the motor — 2100 RPM at 25V is 84.

FVT Sleeping Lion 120A Speed Controller (ESC)

Favourite FVT 120A 12S ESC for Electric Skateboard

During the first test run I was using the new high-voltage 12S 120A skateboard speed controller from FVT. Here are the photos of the teardown.

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  1. Andy Grey says:

    Hello Kaspars,
    Have you had a chance to test the 90mm Maytechs?
    The weather is warmer now!

    • Kaspars says:

      Haha, I wish it didn’t snow right now :) However, I did manage to try out the 90mm hubs with a 6S pack and the Flier dual motor ESC (here is a photo) and the torque is amazing. I’m not sure about the top speed but that’s expected considering the 85KV rating and the 6S LiPo pack.

      The maximum power draw for both motors combined was 700W (or 30A at 23V). It might be limited by the battery pack performance which I need to verify.

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