Wiring Maytech Hub Motors to Flier Twin ESC

It took me a while to figure out the wiring for the dual Maytech 90mm sensored hub motors to the Flier twin-motor 120A ESC so I decided to share my findings. Here is the diagram when looking at the bottom of the skateboard:

Wiring Maytech Hub Motor to Flier Twin ESC

Motor Rotation Direction

Each motor has to turn in a different direction if mounted on the opposite sites of the board. This can be achieved by swapping two motor phase wires (B and C) while the hall sensor wiring remains the same for both motors.

Motor Phase Wires

The phase wires of the Maytech hub motors are actually the wires from the stator windings so you have to properly remove the isolation before soldering them to any connectors.

For the counterclockwise rotation or the left wheel when looking from the top of the board:

  • ESC phase A to Maytech red
  • ESC phase B to Maytech black
  • ESC phase C to Maytech yellow

For the clockwise rotation (or the right wheel when looking from the top of the board) you switch ESC phase A and B or yellow and black wires:

  • ESC phase A to Maytech red
  • ESC phase B to Maytech yellow
  • ESC phase C to Maytech black

Hall Sensor Wires

Hall sensor wires use the 6-pin JST ZH connectors (model number JST ZHR-6) which are much smaller than the JST-XH which are used for balance chargers, for example.

  • ESC blue to Maytech green for phase A
  • ESC green to Maytech white for phase B
  • ESC yellow to Maytech yellow for phase C

Here is a photo of the prototype. I’m planning on moving this to a bigger longboard for improved handling since the wheels are so large.

Dual Maytech 90mm Hub Motors with Flier Twin ESC


  1. Jean says:

    Hello, Kaspars!
    My name is Jeán.
    I’m 16 years old and I live in Kazakhstan. I love to watch your YouTube videos and I’ve never built an electric skateboard. I’ve got couple of questions)
    Are your Maytech motors and Flier ESC doing good now?
    I’m thinking of building an electric skateboard according to your diagram. And I wanted to know if every part is working well at this moment.
    Two Maytech 90mm hub motors
    And Flier 120A 8S twin-motor ESC
    What batteries do you recommend me to choose for this? Because I’ve calculated that one motor requires 6S. So I’m thinking to buy two 8000mah 3S’s and connect them in series, so it will be 8000mah 6S. Is 6S enough for TWO motors?
    Do I need 12S for two motors?
    Now I’m gonna order only one motor. I’ll get a second one when I’ll get money (16 years old). So, should I order extra 6S battery for the second motor?
    Also, I’m going to cut my skateboard trucks to mount the motors :D
    I’ll be waiting for your reply.
    Thank you

    • Kaspars says:

      Hi Jeán! Thanks for sharing your build!

      Yes, the Maytech motors work great and so does the Flier ESC.

      The battery voltage shouldn’t exceed the limit of the ESC which is 8S for the Flier twin-motor ESC. Any battery configuration up to 8S will work just fine. However, the top speed of the motor is directly proportional to the battery voltage so with a 6S battery you’ll have 6/8 or 25% lower top speed compared to a 8S configuration.

      The battery Ah rating only impacts your range so anything that fits your budget will work just as fine.

      Most of the RC battery packs are able to deliver enough current for all of the hub motors. For example, the Maytech 90mm motors have a maximum power output of 450W or 900W with two motors. So the battery pack needs to deliver a maximum of 36A (900W/25.2V). This 6S Zippy 3.3Ah battery is rated at 35C or 115A of discharge current (3.3x35A) which is three times more than you actually need.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

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