Select and Subscribe Bookmarklet for Feedly

Blogs usually provide multiple feeds for things like posts, comments and categories so you want to pick the right one when subscribing to the site on Feedly. I created a little bookmarklet that displays a prompt for all of the available RSS and Atom feeds and lets you choose the one to subscribe to.

Select and subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds in Feedly

Clicking “OK” will redirect you to the appropriate subscription page on Feedly while “Cancel” will create another prompt with the next feed URL found on the page.

How to Install

Drag this to link to the bookmarks bar → Subscribe


  1. I use Google’s RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome but, annoyingly, it doesn’t show you the URL for each feed, only its name. Some sites don’t have very descriptive feed names!

    • Kaspars says:

      I was using that extension until very recently when I got tired of repeatedly adding the Feedly destination URL which doesn’t seem to be stored in the Chrome profile and sync between devices. However, the bookmarks work on mobile too!

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