RSS and Shared Links in OS X Yosemite

Apple has done something amazing for RSS in the latest version of Safari 8.0 in OS X Yosemite — clicking an RSS link now brings up a popup with an option to add the website to Shared Links:

Subscribe Pop-up in Safari for RSS subscriptions

Add this website to Shared Links?

Which adds the feed to Subscribed Feeds:

RSS and Shared Link subscriptions in OS X Yosemite Safari

Shared Links subscriptions now support RSS feeds

and the articles from the feed get combined with the links from your Twitter followers and other social accounts and appear in the Subscriptions sidebar:

RSS and Shared Links in OS X Yosemite Safari

RSS items included in the Shared Links stream

Contrast this with the RSS experience before OS X Yosemite:

RSS support before OS X Yosemite and Safari 8

RSS support before Safari 8


  1. Peter says:

    Actually, Safari 6 supported RSS feeds: screen shot.

  2. Walsh says:

    Before this one could simply read RSS in the native Mail program on the Mac. I loved it.. all my email and News in one place but that went away with the new version of Mail around 2013 or so.. I guess this is to try and fix that.

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