Preview of a new WordPress theme

Preview of a new theme I am currently working on a new WordPress theme. The reason for doing it is a recent observation regarding the blog design — scrolling large lists of blog posts discourages from exploring individual (and often older) blog entries. Long list of articles are acceptable in archive pages, but the homepage should always be the simplest point for navigation. Do you have any name suggestions?


  1. Bdesign says:

    Looks pretty good. I like simple designs. About the name, I will think better and I will post my suggestion

  2. Laburno says:

    Can i suggest “Simplest Point”?
    I’m a fan of your wordpress themes: i really love your style. Can’t wait to see this one ready.

  3. Kaspars says:

    Laburno, thank you very much for the suggestion. I was planning to go along with the “racer” naming scheme, just to have consistent names for all of the themes.

    At the same time I would also like to exclude the word “simple” from the name, because the agneka simple theme already uses it.

    Would you have any another ideas taking into account these considerations?

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