Page Speed Score of 100/100 with WordPress

Page Speed score of my blog: 97/100

WordPress can be very fast. Here is the server-side setup for achieving the 97/100 Page Speed score (it is only because of Google Analytics that the score is not 100/100):

  • Nginx web server;
  • PHP with FastCGI process management (FPM) with APC and Memcache extensions for op-code and general object cache;
  • Memcached object cache server.

And on the WordPress side:

  • A custom HTML caching layer (wp-content/advanced-cache.php) for reading and writing HTML cache to Memcache with a timestamp based version number used for cache invalidation (which changes every time content is inserted or updated);
  • APC Object Cache Backend plugin for WordPress object cache.
  • WP-Minify plugin for combining and minifying the CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Google Appspot as a free origin/pull type CDN for off-loading all static assets. A few simple WordPress filters are used to rewrite all asset URLs;
  • Image Optimizer plugin for reducing the size of JPG and PGN type of images during uploading.

To have such a setup, you must have a Virtual Private Server (VPS). If you are looking for WordPress performance consulting and optimization, please do get in touch.


  1. I got 100 mobile speed, 100 desktop speed and 100 user experience.

    WordPress 4.0, Shared Hosting and No CDN

    These are my recipes :
    1. Minify CSS and JavaScript files
    use this plugin :
    2. Caching
    use W3total cache :
    3. Losslessly compression image
    use this tool :
    4. For logo and banner on homepage
    Convert them all to Base64 Image . it will reduce http request. Tool that I use :
    5. Combine all css in your style.css
    6. Combine the js file too ( put in your footer )
    7. If you using Google analytics, upload ga.js on your hosting. Put it on your root directory
    8. Do not use lazy load plugins ( it will decrease your score )
    9. Don’t use Social Share plugins ( You can make it without using any plugin )
    10. Don’t display feature image/ thumbnails on your homepage, you will fail.

    Good luck..

    Johny Kurniawan

  2. I got PageSpeed 100 (desktop and mobile) using two WP plugins, W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize. I have posted detailed directions here:
    All my posts (including this one) get 100 almost always (depending on server response) while a couple of pages are a little short.

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