1. Ryan Hellyer says:

    In an attempt to combat that problem, I’m syncing my Facebook and Twitter content into my own system … http://tweets.ryanhellyer.net/ http://facebook.ryanhellyer.net/

    • Kaspars says:

      That is exactly the way to do it, Ryan. What kind of plugins or tools are you using for this?

      • Ryan Hellyer says:

        The Facebook site unfortunately does not automatically sync up. I downloaded the export file provided by Facebook and wrote a basic importation script to drag the posts into WordPress. It really doesn’t work very well, and they don’t provide you with all of the information from your Facebook history.

        For Twitter, I used a couple of different plugins to drag the posts in initially, then started using IFTTT.com to transfer them over automatically.

        My tweet site is not perfect either, as I have quite a few double ups of posts due to glitchy plugins and/or different plugins importing the same posts. I’m not in a hurry to fix it though as I’m happy so long as the tweets are stored some place. I can always delete the double ups later on. There’s also some differences between tweets, with some linking URLs and others not (caused by different plugins importing different tweets).

        • Kaspars says:

          Interesting. Looks like most of the link posts on Facebook don’t include the link. Or is it in the meta table somewhere?

        • Ryan Hellyer says:

          Facebook does not provide information about the original link, just the post text. In fact, they don’t provide much information at all :/

  2. Ryan Hellyer says:

    I also have a longer term plan to implement a human powered copy and paste system, where the comments I get on my blog posts on Facebook (which are automatically cross-posted to Facebook) would be copied back to the original post. At the moment I have a lot of chit-chat on Facebook, but every little on my blog itself. If Facebook disappears, so will all of that conversation, so copying it over seems like a smart idea to me. There doesn’t seem to be a reliable automated way to do it though, hence the plan to do it via human power.

    For human power side of things, I just want to provide an idiot proof system with basic instructions, so that I can pay some low qualified person in a poor country a tiny bit of money to sync up all the comments.

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