Podcast of the week: WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly podcast logo If you are a WordPress user, you should definitely check out the WordPress Weekly podcast hosted by Jeff from Jeffro2pt0.com. It covers the latest and greatest in the world of WordPress — from news, plugin and theme reviews to general discussions about the online publishing.

The show is recorded live every Friday evening at 21:00 EST using the TalkShoe recording platform. It follows the round table discussion format where apart from the panel of guests also any of the listeners can call in and have their own say about the topics being discussed.

There are already five episodes available that you can download and listen to.

This week’s panel members were Ronald Huereca, Andrew Rickmann, Rob White and me (featuring the most wonderful sentence structures and wording at 4:00 in the morning; I was so nervous at the beginning). Topics discussed include: usefulness of pingbacks/trackbacks and their presentation (check out the yet-to-be-released Comment Sorter plugin); content theft and spam blogs (splogs); two new plugins by Sony; and the regular WordPress Tips of the Week by all of the panel members.

Homepage (and blog): http://www.wptavern.com/wordpress-weekly
WordPress Weekly on TalkShoe: talkshoe.com/tc/34224
RSS feed: recordings.talkshoe.com/rss34224.xml


  1. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    Hah, I was going to jokingly send you an email and see if WW was going to be the podcast of the week at some point in time. How funny is that!

    At any rate, thanks for the link love, I really appreciate you helping to spread the word about the show. Anytime your bored on a Friday morning, stop by and participate. You’re always welcome to be on the show.

    P.S. I don’t know who the bigger code monkey is, you or Andrew.

  2. Kaspars says:

    Jeffro, after recording the show yesterday, it was clear to me immediately which podcast is going to be featured next as my Podcasts of the Week.

    I think that the show has a great potential as long as you keep writing those amazingly detailed shownotes and the guests keep calling in. You as the host must do the hard work, and I bet it is tough to get everything done on such a regular schedule. Weekly format is demanding but also the most appropriate to the rapidly changing world of blogging.

    There should be a great demand for WordPress and blogging related news and stories, especially because of the format of the show — the round table discussion where listeners get to know new people and can resonate with their experiences on blogging and all the aspects of online publishing.

    Therefore, keep up the great work and I am sure people will appreciate it. I would definitely love to participate in future episodes as well.

  3. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    Thanks alot for the kind words. I took a listen to episode 5 and I must admit, there is plenty of room for improvement on my part which I am trying to do with each show. I can’t wait until I find my rhythm and the proper routine to make a fine product every Friday evening. It is tough work, but I’m learning a lot in the process and it’s helping me to keep on my toes as far as what is happening in the world of WordPress. It’s also helping me to meet new people and learn the skills they posses.

    I hope more people call in to share their experiences or their tips and tricks for using WordPress. Thats what I really want to see, ultimate community involvement with the show.

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