1. Netsi1964 says:

    Great implementation! Would you consider exposing some of the settings which control what is shown on the webapp? You like what to search for, where to search for it and other settings.

  2. Netsi1964 says:

    Thank you Kasper, I missed that one :-)

  3. Abuabdulla says:

    How i can control the slide duration , its little bit fast for the eye to scan the image, read caption and comments

  4. Perhaps You should consider adding an AngularJS route to your app which handles the slide speed like the tag does now. fi.: http://metrogram.konstruktors.com/#/tag/metronetlife/speed/6000

  5. Rodrigues says:

    Hi Kaspars, is it possible to recive also video in metrogram stream?

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