Every Monday I clean my desk and work area — move things to appropriate places, clean out the trash and wipe all the surfaces. This is something I’ve learned from the years at my dad’s car workshop where everyone does this at the end of the day. Taking care of the tools and the space is very important to me.

Every Wednesday morning I play tennis and then have lunch by myself which gives me time for uninterrupted thinking and reflection. I can’t really do that at home with kids or later in the evening when I’m already tired.

I write down every important idea and action item as soon as possible. It used to be in a paper notebook and now it’s the Reminders app. We also have a shared reminder sheet for the family stuff and a dedicated grocery list where we can re-add previous items by simply unchecking them.

What are you habits and routines?


  1. Hi. Thanks for starting a nice blog.
    To get into the context of my routines: I’m a woman, a business owner and someones girlfriend.
    Every morning I listen to music on the way to work.
    After I arriving the office I drink a cup of Coffee.
    At least once a week I run 3km up to 12 km ( so far..)
    Every friday I vacum clean the floor in my little business.
    And every evening I tell my bf that I love him.
    As far as I know, this is the only things I’ve been doing constantly over a year. Routines har awesome, it makes order in a very chaotic world these days.

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