Add Custom URL Redirects to Your WordPress Dashboard Areas or Login Page

Ever wanted to use something like or to access your WordPress dashboard or login area? Here is a simple snippet of PHP for your functionality plugin or functions.php to do just that — it uses standard WordPress URL rewrite API.

Update: turns out that in WordPress 3.4 there are new default redirects (/admin, /dashboard and /login) implemented in the core (see this ticket). So here is a better way to add your own redirects which will work only if you don’t have a page or post with the same name (slug) already:

Updated Version:

add_action('template_redirect', 'add_my_custom_redirects');

function add_my_custom_redirects() {
	if (!is_404())

	$current_uri = untrailingslashit($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
	$my_admin_uris = array(
		home_url('dash', 'relative'),
		home_url('your-custom-uri', 'relative')

	if (in_array($current_uri, $my_admin_uris)) {

The Obsolete Version:

add_filter('generate_rewrite_rules', 'add_my_custom_rewrites');

function add_my_custom_rewrites($wp_rewrite) {
    $my_rewrites = array(
	'dash' => 'wp-admin'

    $wp_rewrite->rules = $my_rewrites + $wp_rewrite->rules;


  1. Juani says:

    Can you add ‘login’ => ‘wp-login’ in array?

  2. Now that is a sweet little snippet … mind if I add it to my BNS Theme Add-Ins plugin … attributed to you at this post?

  3. Istivan says:

    Would this leave the standard “” and “” active? Is there a way to disable those (for more security)?

    • Kaspars says:

      Istivan, thanks for mentioning the default “login” one — I didn’t know about it!

      The answer to you second question is yes — this filter leaves all of the default rewrites intact. Secondly, you can’t remove wp-admin, because it is an actual folder that is part of the WordPress core file structure.

  4. Serg says:

    This is great Kaspars! I have a question: Do you know how to change the registration module so new subscribers pay a small fee to be able to subscribe to my site without interfering with my e-commerce plugin?
    What I’m saying is something you can change/add in the wordpress framework without touching the current e-commerce-paypal standard already installed in the system.
    This is because as soon as I enable “anyone can register” on my settings, I get a lot of new subscribers with fake emails.
    I’d rather not install another plugin to do this, I prefer just add a little code snippet, if it’s possible.
    Thanks for your advice!

  5. Well, I’ve tried everything and quite simply this is not working for me … the code makes sense and I’m not seeing any errors but I cannot seem to get it to work locally or live.

    It will have to wait …

  6. w.holmes says:

    Sounds cool but it’s not doing anything in my setup similar to @Edward Caissie. Thanks for any ideas.

    WP 3.3

  7. Kaspars says:

    w.holmes, Edward Caissie, I have update the post with a new version of the snippet and a reference to the recent changes in the WordPress core (as per ticket 19880).

  8. w.holmes says:

    Thank you sir! Gonna try it right now…

  9. I could also not get it to work first, but after changing:

    $current_uri = untrailingslashit($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]);


    $current_uri = home_url( untrailingslashit($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]) );

    Then it work great.

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