Chrome OS vs Android for Tablets

Android’s strength is cellular voice and data transfer and its low power consumption while Chrome OS has better support for various hardware architectures, and they are both based on the Linux kernel.

If you were to build a tablet that has a touch screen not bigger than 9 inches and a modern browser as its only application, GSM + data connection, instant startup and a batter life of 12 hours, which OS would you choose?

I can’t understand why Google needs Chrome OS. Is it only for devices that don’t have touchscreens?


  1. im definitely waiting for the android OS operated tablet..just read about the eee pad yesterday and it’s gonna be a potential ipad killer

  2. kaspars says:

    Sharon, I think Eee Pad will run Windows 7, right? That must be a huge power hog.

  3. Jake Lewis says:

    i have tested chrome os both at home and at work, it does not seem to be better than ubuntu.`:

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