AI is Overrated

The latest March/April issue of the MIT Technology Review magazine has an excellent interview with Yoshua Bengio where he explains how dumb computers, robots and machines actually are.

[P]eople underestimate how much more science needs to be done. And it’s difficult to separate the hype from the reality because we are seeing these great things and also, to the naked eye, they look magical.


For autonomous driving, humans label huge numbers of images of cars to show which parts are pedestrians or roads. It’s not at all how humans learn, and it’s not how animals learn. We’re missing something big.

and finally

As researchers we fight to make the machine slightly more intelligent, but they are still so stupid. I used to think we shouldn’t call the field artificial intelligence but artificial stupidity. Really, our machines are dumb, and we’re just trying to make them less dumb.

I personally don’t understood the hype over anything related to AI. We don’t have the slightest clue of how the human mind and brains actually work and that is fascinating.

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